OxyBreath Pro – Face Mask

OxyBreath Pro – Face Mask

The deadliest and common infections that are easily transferrable are found in the air we breathe. These viruses and bacteria in the air are causing a lot of harm to our immune system. It is crucial to protect ourselves from the potential threat of a pandemic like Coronavirus or any other contagious infections. This can be possible by an Oxybreath Pro Mask. This simple mask not only prevents the risks of such conditions but also ensures one is immune from common respiratory issues which can be so very common in modern-day lifestyle.
The Oxybreath Pro mask has some important features which make it viable as well as distinguish it from the competition. 
They can be listed as follows:
  • The mask is very comfortable. It is very light in weight and doesn’t feel discomforting when wearing for long periods.
  • Maximum protection is offered by the Oxybreath Pro Mask While most of the masks tend to cover nose partially or have improper fitting leading to penetration of infected air through unintended gaps. This issue is 100% rectified with this mask as it covers the nose and mouth fully sitting on the face evenly, minimizing any chance of entrance of infected air.
  • The mask has been designed to specifically protect people from bacteria, viruses, cold or flu causing infections.
  • The mask uses a Nanotechnology that allows for PM2.5 air filter quality which is regarded as one of the best standards in the array of options available in the market today.
  • The Oxybreath Pro Mask is easy to maintain too. The mask can be washed and reused. This ensures longevity and durability in the long run too. This adds to the value for money quotient of the mask.


OxyBreath Pro Is A face mask that fully covers your mouth and nose to keep you safe. Don’t let viruses take a toll on your health – breathe better & safely with OxyBreath Pro! OxyBreath Pro covers your mouth & nose fully for extra protection.
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