Covid 19: Age vs Immune System

The debates regarding the new coronavirus are numerous, one of which is whether young people have the upper hand when it comes to how likely someone is to get infected. While statistics show that older people are the ones in real danger due to the fact that most of them are already dealing with a number of diseases, does this mean that young people shouldn’t worry?

Well, yes and no. First off, the main reason why it is suggested that all of us should take precaution and keep social distance is because although some of may be able to tackle the virus, we don’t know to who we might transmit it to and whether they’ll be able to deal with it without major complications.

Can Younger Individuals Also Develop Serious Symptoms?

Your age will not keep you safe from coronavirus if your immune system is compromised. There’s no doubt that younger people in general are far better off regarding their immune system compared to the elderly, however, there are also those who don’t have an immune system that generates T-cells effectively and quickly enough. Many young people have poor eating and sleeping habits which all goes into account when it comes to how well one’s body will respond to an external threat such as a virus. These are times when the day to day life of
each individual will play the main role regarding the outcome, whether it is a child, a teen, a young adult, a middle aged man or woman or an older person.

Can Old People Recover without Any Major Consequences?

If an older person already has breathing problems such as asthma, compromised immune
system, chronic illnesses that prevent them from living a proper and optimally healthy lifestyle, the consequences from this virus, just like from the seasonal flu, can even be deadly. This is why the elderly make up the most fragile group of citizens that has to be protected. However, it is not impossible for an older person to go through this with minor or no symptoms at
all. As already mentioned, it all depends on the body’s defenses – viruses catch us off guard and we cannot wield our weapon then and there. The strength has to come from one’s overall condition, lifestyle, genetic predispositions and also, the willpower of the person when it comes to taking the proper steps once infected.

How Can Older People Maintain a Strong Immune System

Much like young individuals, it all comes down to eating and sleeping habits, along with drinking plenty of water, taking the necessary supplements and sticking to an optimal exercise routine. Statistics show that no matter what type of virus, older people who still do a few chores around the house and avoid eating too much sugar have better chances of facing any illness. Movement is pivotal for proper detox and blood circulation which is where everything begins. For old people who are not mobile, it’s important to get regular massages and to live in properly ventilated homes.

Also, it is of high importance for old people to have someone help them maintain proper home and body hygiene as this is how they can stay away from harmful bacteria. However, one should never cross the line since we are not meant to live in sterile environment – quite the contrary, the immune system must face certain minor threats from time to tome to stay in shape for when it’s most needed.