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Chinese Skin Care: Simple Steps to Follow for Natural Glow

Regardless of whether you’ve noticed it yourself or you read it somewhere, most of us already know that the Chinese have the highest percentage of people with flawless skin. Now while some may say they are simply lucky cause it runs in their genes, many dermatologists claim that it’s also about what runs in their everyday habits.

This goes especially for Chinese women – they are extra careful when it comes to following skin care routines and if the average woman has 2-3 steps, these women have up to 9. So if you want to steal a few tricks and get some of that extra glow yourself, read on.

Useful Steps to Add to Your Routine

Don’t Let Your Face Dry Naturally

Although after washing your face you may feel like it’s better to let it dry out naturally while soaking up that extra water, the truth is quite opposite. During the process of drying out, your skin will actually lose hydration cause the molecules present on your skin will bind with the drops of water and together they’ll evaporate in the air. In order to avoid this, don’t leave your face dry for more than 1 minute. Gently tap it with a soft towel (don’t rub it) and then apply a tonic and then a moisturizer.

Don’t Forget the Tonic

The Chinese skin care routine includes the everyday use of a tonic. This is applied right after you’ve dried your face with a towel. Spray the tonic, or gently tap your skin with a cotton cloth soaked in tonic, wait for 30 seconds and then apply moisturizer. Make sure your tonic doesn’t contain alcohol, silicones or parabens. It’s best to go with something soothing and neutral, like rose water for example. Rose water is great for soothing red and itchy skin and for preventing skin infections. If you feel itchy thorough the day and you are not wearing makeup, you can spray some more tonic as to awaken and freshen up your skin.

Learn to Double Cleanse

If you are keen on makeup, you know how important it is to take it off once the day is done, since as much as it can help our skin look its best, makeup can also create issues if not removed properly. Sadly, the cleansers that are best at removing makeup are also the harshest, and those that are gentler, leave a residue that can clog your pores. Well, this is when Chinese skin care comes in to save the day. In order to avoid the harshness of good cleansers, you need to stick to the gentle ones, but only after you’ve removed your makeup with oil and a cloth dampened with warm water.
The success behind this method is simple – oil binds with makeup perfectly and when you gently rub the face with a warm damp cloth, you’ll see just how much gunk you’ll be able to remove. But in order to make sure there’s no oil residue, you’ll just need to wash your face with a gentle cleanser. This will leave your face completely clean and ready for the following steps.