Building Your Own Skin Care Routine According to the Latest Findings

There is no doubt that the way your skin looks can impact your life. Making the best out of what you got, especially when it comes to the facial skin, can really change the way you see yourself and therefore the way others see you. 

I believe that almost everybody has a certain kind of skin care routine whether it is washing your face just with water before bedtime or using various products for various purposes. During the last few years, there has been a growing interest into developing the best possible skin routine for each skin type. 

At first this created a lot of confusion because a lot of people start following other people’s routines just because they are influential and not because that particular routine fits their skin. 

Luckily, it is safe to say that now we know a little bit more, mostly due to the many public trial and error experiments, but also thanks to the fact that professionals have entered the debate with some well-founded facts.
Although everyone is different and there is no one universal 
skincare routine, at least we just say that there are certain things that work for sure for everybody and certain things that are the detrimental. That being said, here’s a few simple rules to follow in order to succeed in building your own skin care routine.

Use Gentle Cleansers

This is especially important for women, as most women use makeup and must wash their face with an appropriate cleanser, especially at night. However, harsh cleansers can strip the skin from its natural oils, which can cause the skin to then produce more oils. There are many cleansers that don’t contain sulfates (one of the harsh ingredients that acts as a detergent) and can still wash your face properly. You might notice that you’ll need to repeat the cleaning process if you have used more makeup that day, but that’s the only drawback. 

Note: Use lukewarm water, since cold and hot water can shock your skin and leave your pores too open, or too closed.

Moisturize According to Your Skin Type

This is the main reason why one thing may work for someone, and be totally useless or even harmful for another. People with oily skin should avoid moisturizers that contain oils and go for ones that contain glycerin. If you want to include oils, make sure that they have a low comedogenic rating. People with dry skin should apply the moisturizer as soon as possible after washing their face since this way you can prevent the drying of the skin and give it hydration right away. Avoid moisturizes that contain silicone. This ingredient can clog your pores and while useful when it comes to makeup, it is totally unnecessary in your skin care products. If you have normal skin, look for products that are aimed towards that type, but mainly you can get away with using both moisturizers that contain oils and those what are more mater and glycerin based.

Note: If you use a tonic, make sure you apply it before you apply a moisturizer. 

Avoid Products That Contain Parabens and Alcohol 

One of the things we know now for sure is that parabens and alcohols don’t belong in skin care products. The reason for this is the fact that parabens penetrate the skin’s outer layer and can cause damage to the cells and alcohols have a drying effect which can be bad for both oily and dry skin. You may think that oily skin might benefit from that drying, but this can cause increased sebum production – the last thing you need if you have oily skin. The only type of alcohol that’s not drying is cetyl alcohol – this one is similar to glycerin and has a hydrating effect.  

Always Use Gentle Movements

No matter what you do, whether you are applying a cream, tonic, drying your face or taking makeup off, you always need to be extra gentle with your skin in order to keep it looking youthful for longer. Pulling your skin can cause wrinkles, so make sure you develop a habit to take your time and be mindful about this. If you can, move your fingers in an upward motion – this can have a lifting effect and if you do it often enough, it won’t only be preventive, but it can actually begin to show