What are the Different Types of Skin Infections

Most people are aware of the fact that the skin is the largest organ of the body. Its what gets in contact with the world first which is why its function is to protect the body from external factors. One of those external factors are infections. The skin can be the medium through which the body gets […]

Silicone Skin Care Pros and Cons: Is the Bad Rap Justified?

The beauty industry is prone to controversy, there’s no doubt about that. This time, one of the most pressing issues is whether silicones are more harmful than useful. There’s no denying that they can be useful – there is a reason why they are so widely spread in so many cosmetic products and for a […]

Building Your Own Skin Care Routine According to the Latest Findings

There is no doubt that the way your skin looks can impact your life. Making the best out of what you got, especially when it comes to the facial skin, can really change the way you see yourself and therefore the way others see you.  I believe that almost everybody has a certain kind of skin […]